Genetic Parameters and Association Studies for Morphological, Physiological and Grain Quality Parameters in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)


Priyanka K¹ , Krishna Veni B*² , Roja V³ and Jayalalitha K4

1 Genetics and Plant Breeding Department, Agricultural College, Bapatla – 522101
2 Agricultural Research Station, ANGRAU, Bapatla – 522101
3 Regional Agricultural Research Station, Lam, ANGRAU – 522036
4 Regional Agricultural Research Centre, Lam, ANGRAU – 522036
*Corresponding author Email:

Volume 16-(1), 2023   ;  Click here for Pdf

Received : 3rd March, 2023; Accepted : 5th May, 2023


The present investigation was undertaken to study the extent of variability and correlation coefficients of 19 morphological traits, yield components, physiological and physico-chemical grain quality traits in a set of 30 high yielding diverse rice genotypes. Phenotypic and genotypic coefficients of variations were high for net assimilation rate at 60-90 DAT followed by grain yield/plant and volume expansion ratio. Moderate to high heritability estimates were recorded for all parameters under study except for productive tillers/plant. The perusal of results on association and path coefficient analysis revealed that significant and positive correlation coupled with positive direct effects were manifested by test weight, RWC at 60 DAT and harvest index indicating simultaneous improvement of grain yield along with the improvement of these characters.