NLR 3186: A Long Duration Blast Resistant Rice Culture Suitable for Irrigated Ecology of Andhra Pradesh


Sreelakshmi Ch*, Ramesh Babu P, Krishna Naik R, Vineetha U, Madhusudhan P, Paramasiva I, Harathi PN, Rajasekhar P and Suryanarayana Y

Agricultural Research Station, Nellore, ANGRAU, Andhra Pradesh 

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Volume 16-(1), 2023   ;   Click here for Pdf

Received: 5th May, 2023; Accepted: 14th June, 2023


The culture NLR 3186 was derived from a cross of NLR 28523 / Secandro Brazelio (5720-11-1-3-1) through Pedigree method of breeding at Agricultural Research Station, Nellore. It recorded an average yield increase of 19.97% over the check NLR 33892 in the station trials. In Multi Location Trial conducted for 2 years, it recorded 11.26% increase over the checks used for testing MTU 1061.I n 3 years of minikit testing the entry NLR 186 recorded 8.3% higher grain yield than the check varieties tested. In AICRIP trial during 2012-13, it recorded on par with the national check MTU 7029 (4249 kg/ha). It has non-lodging nature, high yielding, nitrogen responsive, with medium green foliage, low shattering and complete exertion of panicle. It was tolerant to leaf blast, neck blast and sheath rot. It has good cooking and chemical quality as it exhibits intermediate and desired values of ASV, gel consistency, good linear elongation ratio and amylase content. It also possesses good head rice recovery with translucent grains which is very much desired for marketing.