International Conference - (ICSCI 2022)

International Conference on System of Crop Intensification for Climate-Smart livelihood and Nutritional Security

12-14 December, 2022

Download Extended Summary Microsoft word Template       International Conference on System of Crop Intensification for Climate-Smart livelihood and Nutritional Security (ICSCI-2022)   

About Conference

Innovation in food system is required for regional, national and global food security and sustainability. But experiences show that over dependence and reliance on intensive use of agrochemicals, fossil-fuels and other external inputs have put the sustainability of production system at risk. This has also severely affected the health of natural resources (soil, water, environment and food quality). Thus, there is an urgent need to rethink the choice of technology; practices; policies and strategies for innovations in sustainable crop production....

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Key Dates

Submission Extended Summaries:
30 September, 2022
Issue of the Acceptance
15 October, 2022
Receipt of the Registration Fee:
30 September, 2022
Receipt of the Full Length papers:
30 October, 2022
Request for Accommodation:
30 October, 2022
Willingness for ICRISAT/field visit:
10 November, 2022

Conference Programme

12 December, 2022
12-14 December, 2022
Poster Sessions
12-14 December, 2022
Plenary Lectures / Lead Lectures/ Panel discussion/Farmer and Sciencitst interactions
12-14 December, 2022
Valedictory session
14 December, 2022
Field visits and ICRISAT visit
15 December, 2022

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Places of Attraction

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General Information


The Organizing Committee assumes no liability for participant's personal accidents, sickness, and theft or property damage. Participants are requested to make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance.


The official language of the Symposium will be English


Taxis are on call 24 hrs over the telephone/ online/ mobile apps. Air-conditioned (AC) taxis are available at both the international and domestic terminals of Rajeev Gandhi International Airport. In addition, there are prepaid counters at the airport for travel to any part of the city. The distance from airport to venue is only 20 kms.

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