With the information explosion on rice research, a need was felt for another exclusive journal on rice for speedy publication of research findings.  We are pleased to place in the hands of the readers the first issue of the Journal of Rice Research.  Abstracts of all the invited papers and the full papers presented by some of the lead speakers at the International Symposium “Green Revolution to Gene Revolution” held at Hyderabad, India during October 4-6, 2004 have been included in this issue.  These are mini review articles giving present status on various aspects of rice research.

In future issues, it is intended to include high quality research articles and few invited reviews, contributing towards advancement of rice science. Research articles with multi-locational data will be preferred.  Members are requested to contribute research articles and short notes for future issues.  We encourage on-line submission to cut down the time involved from submission to publication of research articles.  Every effort will be made for speedy publication of the research papers and short notes submitted.  The journal will published hence forth every June and December. Constructive comments and suggestions for improvement of the journal are invited.


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