Efficacy of Fungicides on Rice Sheath Blight and Grain Discolouration Diseases in Rice


Surendran M*, Silpa Sasikumar, Nimmy Jose, Jyothi Sara Jacob and Aiswarya Jagadees

Rice Research Station, Moncompu 688 503, Thekkekara P.O., Alleppey (D.T), Kerala 

*Corresponding author Email: surenpath@yahoo.co.in

Volume 16-(2), 2023   ;  https://doi.org/10.58297/SAKQ9946   Click here for Pdf

Received : 29th September, 2023; Accepted: 20th October, 2023


Field experiments were conducted at Rice Research Station, Kerala Agricultural University, Moncompu during kharif 2020 & 2021 and rabi 2021-22 to evaluate the fungicides against sheath blight and grain discolouration. The evaluated seven fungicides were Difenoconazole 25 EC, Isoprothiolane 40 EC, Kasugamycin 3 SL, Iprobenfos 48 EC, Propineb 70 WP, Tebuconazole 25.9 EC and Thifluzamide 24 SC. The pooled analysis of three seasons data showed that Difenoconazole 25 EC @ 0.5 ml/l and Tebuconazole 25.9 EC @ 1.5 ml/l were found equally effective against the sheath blight and for grain discolouration. Highest yield (5779 kg ha-1) was recorded by the Difenoconazole 25 EC followed by Kasugamycin 3 SL (5745 kg ha-1), Isoprothiolane 40 EC (5514 kg ha-1) and Thifluzamide 24 SC (5502 kg ha-1) as against (4141 kg ha-1) in control.