ANGRAU’s Contribution to the State and National Rice Baskets


Vishnuvardhan Reddy A¹*, Prashanti L² ,Subbirami Reddy A³ , Raghunadh Reddy G4 , Satyanarayana PV5 ,Srinivas T6, Ravikumar BNVSR7 and Subba Rao LV7

1 Vice Chancellor, ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur,

2 Director of Research ANGRAU, Guntur,

3 Director (Seeds) ANGRAU Guntur,

4 Principal Scientist &Head CARP, ANGRAU, Guntur,

5 Principal Scientist and Head, ARS, Ragolu,

6 Principal Scientist (Rice) RARS, Maruteru,

7 Principal Scientist Maruteru and

8 PS & Head, Crop Improvement,
PI-AICRP on Rice, ICAR-IIRR Hyderabad
*Corresponding author Email:

Volume 15(Special Issue), 2022   ;   Click here for Pdf



ANGRAU is a pioneer in rice research in India. It has the credit of releasing 123 rice varieties in 58 years of its inception which include 91 HYVs, 30 pure line varieties and 2 hybrids. ANGRAU has the credit of developing first BPH tolerant rice variety MTU 5249 (Vajram) way back in 1986. Developed two rice hybrids for first time in the country in 1993 – APHR1 and APHR 2. Out of 45 mha of rice area in India, ANGRAU rice varieties occupy 14 mha of area, producing 38 mt of production accounting for 33.15% of total rice production in India. By cultivating ANGRAU rice varieties, a revenue of Rs 62317 crores is generated annually in the form of returns accounting for 2.22 percent of India’s Agricultural GVA.


  • Improvement of Local Speciality Rices as a Boon to Health, Wealth and Export Diversity: Case of Kalanamak Rice

  • System of Crop Intensification in Ragi for Sustained Productivity to Meet the Challenges in Climate

  • Microbial Inoculation can Enhance SRI Performance and Reduce Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Rice

  • Breeding Climate Smart Sugarcane Varieties for Diversified Uses

  • Impact of Rice Cultivation Methods on Insect Pest Incidence and Their Management