Journal of Rice Research-2019 (Volume 12, Issue 2)

Dr. SVS Shastry Memorial Lecture

Designing future rice for enhanced profitability and nutritional security                 

Vijai Pal Singh


Rice production in India-varietal dynamics and diversity : Insights from empirical analysis of breeder 
seed indents

Lakshmi Prasanna PA and LV Subba Rao


Genetic diversity analysis of rice germplasm in  gujarat state of india using  simple sequence repeat 

Ankita Mishra, Bhavesh Gajera and N Subhash 


Effect of organic and inorganic substances on the growth and yield of rice    

Balaji E, M Meyyappan, M Ganapathy and A Angayarkanni


Isolation,  identification and  characterization of efficient  free-living  nitrogen-fixing bacteria from 
rice rhizosphere ecosystem

Bandeppa S, Latha PC, Amol S Phule, Rajani G, Prasad Babu KV, Kalyani M Barbadikar, Chandrakala C, Prasad Babu MBB, 

Mandal PK and Sundaram RM


Effect of  seaweed extract as biostimulant  on crop  growth and yield in rice  (Oryza sativa l.)  under
 transplanted condition

Arun MN, Mahender Kumar R, Sailaja Nori, Aarthi Singh, Mangal Deep Tuti, Srinivas D, Venkatanna B, Surekha K, 

Padmavathi Ch and Prasad MS


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