Rajendranagar Vari-1 [IET 27077 (RNR 11718)] – Multiple stress resistant, high yielding rice variety


 Surender Raju Ch, Vanisree S, Krishna L, Damodar Raju Ch, Chandra Mohan Y*, Narasimha Reddy P, Rama Gopala Varma N, Jagadeeshwar R, Kiranbabu T and Spandana Bhat P

Rice Research Centre, ARI, PJTSAU, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, 500 030Telangana, India.

*Corresponding author email: drycmohan@gmail.com

Volume 14(2), 2021    ;   https://doi.org/10.58297/LDJY6244                         Click here for Pdf

Received: 10th December 2021; Accepted: 26th December 2021



Rajendranagar vari-1 was derived through pedigree method of breeding from a cross MTU 1010 x NLR 34449 with an aim to develop high yielding multiple stress resistant variety. It is a medium duration variety having medium slender grain. It has recorded 6.81% and 9.7% increase in yield over check variety in station trials and minikits, respectively. Rajendranagar vari-1 (IET 27077) was evaluated during 2017 to 2020 in AICRIP trials and recorded 23.29, 18.61, 39.69, 40.12 and 12.46 percent increase in yield over alkaline, inland saline, saline tolerant, sensitive and local check, respectively in in zone VI and VII states (Puducherry, Telangana and Gujarat). It is identified as fertilizer responsive with potential to yield about 8.0 t/ha. It has multiple resistance to different insect pests and diseases (BPH, Blast, Brown Spot, Sheath Rot, grain discoloration) besides having salinity tolerance. Rajendranagar vari-1 was released through Telangana State Variety Release Committee and notified vide gazette number S.O. 8 (E) Dated 24.12.2021.th