Rajendranagar Vari-2 [IET 26143 (RNR 15435)] – An aromatic long grain rice variety


Vanisree S, Surender Raju Ch, Krishna L, Damodar Raju Ch, Chandra Mohan Y*,Narasimha Reddy P, Rama Gopala Varma N and Jagadeeshwar R

Volume  14(2), 2021   ;    https://doi.org/10.58297/VLYJ7621                     Click here for Pdf

Received: 10th December 2021; Accepted: 26th December 2021


A cross was performed between RNR 17818 and Vasumathi with an aim to develop aromatic long grain rice varieties suitable for Telangana and forwarded the generations following pedigree of breeding. Rajendranagar vari-2 was identified in F7 generation during the year 2011 and evaluated in yield and screening trials. It is an aromatic long grain, medium duration (135-140 days) culture suitable for kharif. It has recorded 58.8%, 13.19%, 17.4% yield superiority over check, Sumathi in station trials, multilocation trials and minikit trials, respectively. Rajendranagar vari-2 has moderate resistance to blast and brown spot. It also has good cooking quality parameters with aroma, intermediate amylose and more kernel length after cooking. Rajendranagar vari-2 was notified for cultivation in the state of Telangana vide Indian Gazette No. S.O. 8 (E) Dated 24.12.2021.