Effects  of Weed Control Temperature on Weed Population and NPK Uptake in Direct Wet Seeded Rice 
Sown Through Drum Seeder

I.A.Bhat, Dileep Kachroo and Manzoor Ganai


Growth  and  Yield  Attributes of  Rice as  Influenced  by  N Fertilizer  and  Differential  Incorporation of 
Sunnhemp Green Manure

T. L. Neelima and V. B. Bhanu Murthy


Genetics Divergence Studies in Temperate Rice  (Oryza Sativa L.) Grown  under High Altitude Irrigated 

Asif B. Shikari and G. A. Parry


Influence  of Methods of Rice  Cultivation  on the  Yield,  Nutrient  Availability and Uptake of Nutrients
 in the Coastal Soils of Karaikal

D. Dinesh, A. Baskar and U. Bagavathi Ammal


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