Journal of Rice Research-2009 (Volume 2, Issue 1)

Rice is Eastern Inida: Causes for Low Productivity and Available Options

T.K. Adhya, O. N. Singh, P. Swain and A. Ghosh


Influence of Temperature and Humidity on Physiology, Phenology and Yield Traits of Rice

Arti Guhey, K. C. Patel, Ritu Saxena and S. B. Verulkar


Principal Component Analysis for Evaluation of Rice(Oryza sativa L.) Germplasm

Asif B. Shikari, G. A. Parray, A. G. Rather and F. A. Sheikh


Studies on Integrated Nutrient Supply and Seed Rate for Direct Seeded Rainfed Upland Rice in Mid Hills 
of Himachal Pradesh

B. S. Mankotia and J. Shekar


Evaluation of Rice Germplasm against Brown Planthopper

Ritu R Saxena and Ravi R Saxena


Seed  Production of Basmati Hybrids in Jammu using WA Type CMS System  

R. K. Salgotra and B. B. Gupta

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