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Theme VII: Learning Experiences & Success stories of SCI; Farmer and Scientist Interaction & Export Potential of Rice and Strengthening FPOs

The Major Challenges and Scope for Sustainable Agriculture Development in India

Ravindra Babu V, Madhu Babu P, Suman K and Neeraja CN        https://doi.org/10.58297/BWCP7350

Rice cum Fish Culture (Rizi – Pisciculture) Based Farming Systems – A Way Forward for Organic Rice
Production to Enhance Soil and Crop Productivity, Profitability, and Nutritional Security of the Marginal

Subrahmaniyan K        https://doi.org/10.58297/DWQW7543


Leveraging Carbon Finance for Sustaining Livelihoods through AWD

Akshaya and Ishita Vedamuthu          https://doi.org/10.58297/WDTP5434

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