Journal of Rice Research-2010 (Volume 3, Issue 1 & 2)

Combining Ability Analysis for Yield and Grain Quality Traits in Rice Hybrids

I. S. Thakare, A. M. Mehta, J. S. Patel and S.R Takle


Influence of  Weather Parameters on the Occurrence of Rice Yellow Stem Borer, Scirpophaga incertulus (Walker)

D. Adiroubane and  K. Raja


Stability Analysis for Grain Yield and its Component Traits in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

M. Umadevi, P. Veerabadhiran and S. Manonmani


Studies  on  Yield  Maximization  in  Rice  Based Cropping Sequence of Northern Coastal Cauvery Delta

Anu Lavanya.G and M.Ganapathy


Quantitative Analysis of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Allahabad Agro Climate Zone

Priyanka Yadav, N. R. Rangare, P. John Anurag and A. K. Chaurasia


Inheritance of Anthocyanin Pigmentation in Rice

G. R. Sahu, A. K. Sarawgi, B. Sharma and M. Parikh


Invited Paper

Status of Organic Farming and Research Experiences in Rice

K. Surekha, V. Jhansilakshmi, N. Somasekhar, P.C. Latha, R. M. Kumar,N. Shobha Rani, K.V. Rao and B.C. Viraktamath

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