Seed storage protein evaluation of few rice varieties used by tribal people of Chhattisgarh


Amrita Kumari Panda1 , Rojita Mishra2 , Ashish Kumar1 , Aseem Kerketta1 , Nishi Soni1

1 Department of Biotechnology, Sant Gahira Guru University, Ambikapur-     497001, Chhattisgarh, India

2 Department of Botany, Polasara Science College, Polasara, Ganjam, Odisha
*Corresponding author (email:

Received: 14th Nov. 2018 Accepted: 28rd Dec. 2018


Seed storage protein profiling of seven local rice varieties namely Jeeraphul, Karheni, Sighar, Ratua, Lusari, Chhindmauri, Kalinga collected from Pratappur, Chhattisgarh were analyzed in the present study. Albumin was observed to be notably lowest in all rice varieties (1.2 mg/g to 14.4 mg/g of seed flour) where as glutelin fraction was found to be the highest (19.6 mg/g to 67.6 mg/g of seed flour) in all varieties. The percentage yield of prolamin is high in Lusari and Ratua i.e. 58.5 mg/ g of seed flour where as Karheni and Sighar varieties were found to have least prolamin i.e. less than 2 mg/g of seed flour. Seed storage protein profile analysis revealed polymorphic prolamin banding pattern in Kalinga and Karheni rice varieties where as similar globulin and glutelin profiles observed among all the studied varieties.

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