Assessing the efficacy of new low dose herbicide molecule in puddled direct seeded rice


B. Sreedevi, R.M. Kumar, Aarti Singh* , M.D. Tuti, Soumya Saha and S.R. Voleti 

ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research, Hyderabad, Telangana-500030 

*Corresponding author: 

Received: 8th Nov. 2018 Accepted: 24rd Dec. 2018


A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of new low dose post-emergence herbicide, florpyrauxifenbenzyl for broad-spectrum weed control in puddled direct seeded rice at five AICRIP locations i.e. Navsari, Vadgaon, Aduthurai, Karjat and Nellore. Experiment was laid out in randomized block design to test seven treatments, viz. T1 – florpyrauxifen-benzyl at 31.25 g a.i./ha, T2 – florpyrauxifen-benzyl at 37.5 g a.i./ha, T3 – bispyribac sodium at 30 g a.i./ha, T4 – pyrazosulfuron-ethyl at 25 g a.i./ha followed by metsulfuron-methyl + chlorimuron-ethyl at 4 g a.i./ha, T5 – Weed free condition, T6 – hand weeding twice and T7 – weedy check and were replicated thrice. Application of florpyrauxifenbenzyl reduced the density, dry biomass of weeds and increased the weed control efficiency to the tune of 78.3% and remained comparable to hand weeding twice. Florpyrauxifen-benzyl at 37.5 g a.i./ha recorded higher values of yield attributes thus leading to higher yield (4.92 t/ha) and was equally effective as standard check bispyribac sodium 30 g a.i./ha in suppressing the weeds and recording comparable yield (4.80 t/ha). Higher Energy productivity was noted under weed free situation (0.845) and was followed by application of pyrazosulfuron- ethyl 25 g a.i./ha fb metsulfuronmethyl + chlorimuron-ethyl at 4 g a.i./ha (0.746). Florpyrauxifen-benzyl at 37.5 g a.i./ha can be used as an alternative herbicide to standard recommended herbicide bispyribac sodium at 30 g a.i./ha under direct sown conditions.

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