Agribusiness prospects and challenges of black rice produced in North- East India


LH Changde Catherine and Deepak Bhagat*

Department of Management, North-East Hill University, Tura Campus- 794002, Meghalaya

*Corresponding author e-mail:

Received:16th March 2019; Accepted: 26th May 2019


Black Rice, a variety of rice from the species Oryza sativa L. subspecies indica, is known for its high nutritional and medicinal values and of high antioxidant properties. It is also known as purple rice, forbidden rice or king’s rice. In India it is mostly cultivated in north – eastern region of India. Though, it is reported to be cultivated in small quantity by the villagers, there are also some of the agri-entrepreneurs, who have realized its agribusiness potential, and presently have been engaged in the business of black rice very successfully. Their achievements have been reported in local and national newspapers and websites. The present study is an attempt to trace those successful agri- entrepreneurs, compile, analyse and present the details to a wider audience. The paper also tries to identify various brands of black rice sold through online marketing platform, like Amazon, Flipkart , Indiamart etc. and identify the various companies/ traders involved in it. Finally, the paper also makes a SWOC analysis of black rice production and marketing, so that suitable policies can be formulated. Due to its medicinal properties, with proper consumer awareness and marketing policies along with government support, the farmers of north-east can reap high economic benefits by cultivating black rice.

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