Genetic diversity analysis of rice germplasm in gujarat state of india using simple
sequence repeat markers


Ankita Mishra*, Bhavesh Gajera and N Subhash Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory,

Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Anand Agricultural University, Anand – 388110, Gujarat, India

*Corresponding author (email:

Received: 10 August 2019; Accepted: 12 December 2019


The present investigation was undertaken to detect the polymorphism among blast resistant and susceptible rice genotypes employing twenty three simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers,which targeted nine blast resistance genes. The clustering patterns of 2D and 3D of principal component analysis (PCA) were in accordance with the dendrogram clustering pattern. The dendrogram obtained from the pooled SSR analysis showed significant differences between all genotypes. The cophenetic correlation analysis revealed that the dendrograms generated by pooled SSR data were good to fit. The highest similarity index value of 0.71 was found in Ajaya and IET-20006, while the least similarity index value of 0.14 was found in GR-7 and IET-21094, GR-7 and IET-21070. The average similarity coefficient among genotypes was 0.46. The SSR markers linked to the blast resistance genes showed a high level of polymorphism among the genotypes.

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