Variability and correlation of yield traits in BIL x BIL populations derived from Swarna x O. nivara


Kavitha Beerelli, Divya Balakrishnan*, Sarla Neelamraju

ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR-IIRR), Hyderabad-500 030

* Corresponding author (email:

Received: 10th April 2020; Accepted: 1st June 2020


Wild introgression lines have wider genetic diversity than normal cultivars and contribute for crop improvement. Segregating populations consisting of 161 families at F3 and F4 generations derived from BIL (back cross introgression line) parents were used in the present study. Field evaluation for yield traits were carried out during two seasons of rabi and kharif in 2017. Correlation analysis was performed to determine associations among yield traits and highly significant association was observed for SPY with TDM and HI in F3 and F4 generations. Significant positive association of TN, PTN with SPY and also highly significant negative association between SPY and TGW were observed in F4 . All the traits in F3 and F4 showed positively skewed distribution except for the traits, PH and TGW. Significant lines were identified through pair wise mean comparisons with parents 166S, 148S and Swarna. Four lines C3 -53, C3 -38, C3 -70, and C3-96 exhibited positively significant values for TGW compared with parents. These lines can be used further for yield improvement and genetic dissection of target traits

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