Potential yield assessment of red rice land races under north-eastern agro climatic
zone of Tamil Nadu


Subbalakshmi Lokanadhan1*, DarthiyaM2 and SankaranVM3 

1&3Professor (Agronomy),

2 Post Graduate Scholar Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore -641 003, Tamil Nadu, India.

*Corresponding author (Email id: kplokanadhan@yahoo.co.in

Received: 15th March 2020; Accepted: 21st May 2020


Among varied types of varieties in rice, red rice is found to be a rich in mineral source. It is the need of hour to conduct agronomical research on red rice land races to study the increase of production, per unit area in sustained manner. Kullakar is a short duration land race which is naturally hardy and pest resistant. Kuzhiyadichan is ideal for lactating mothers since it increases the milk flow and also referred as ‘Kulikulichan’. Kattuyanam is a very tall red rice land race which grows up to eight feet tall. TKM 9 is a red rice variety released at Rice Research Station, Tirur from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is found suitable for both rainfed and transplanted rice cultivation. Hence a field study was carried out to identify the best performing red rice land race for its potential yield The study revealed that, the yield potential of 3.42 t/ha recorded in Kuzhiyadichan red rice landrace, was higher than that of, Kullakar and Kattuyanam rice landraces.

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