A Web-based Radiation Use Efficiency calculator for Rice Genotypes


Sailaja B*, Voleti SR, Subrahmanyam D, Raghuveer Rao P, Gayathri S and Sudha Madhuri M

Indian Institute of Rice Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500030

*Corresponding author (Email ID: b.sailaja@icar.gov.in)


Received: 11th March 2020; Accepted: 15th May 2020


Radiation Use Efficiency (RUE) is one of the key parameters in measuring the crop biomass and plays a major role in assessing the yield performance of genotypes. RUE can be derived from radiation interception and utilization. Manual process of computing Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and RUE is tedious and only limited models are available exclusively for computing radiation use efficiency of rice crop. Hence a web-based Radiation Use Efficiency Calculator was developed for Rice genotypes and successfully evaluated with data collected from field trials conducted under All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Programme (AICRIP). Computed RUE values ranged from 1.01-2.76 g/MJ-1 at panicle initiation stage and 0.17-0.26 g/ MJ-1 at maturity stage for the experiment conducted at IIRR, Hyderabad. This software got registered with the copyright no. SW/13541/2020 and presently available to all users in the IIRR website (www.icar-iirr.org) for facilitating computation of RUE at different phenological stages of rice crop.

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