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Journal of Rice Research-2015 (Volume 8, No.1 )


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Original Research Articles

Genetic Diversity in Aromatic Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Genotypes using Microsatellite Markers
Neha Agrawal and Rajeev Shrivastava



Genetic Diversity in Grain Quality Traits of Rice Genotypes
G. Nirmala Devi, V. Ravindra Babu, G. Padmavathi and T. Sunitha



Combining Ability Analysis for Yield and Components Traits in Fine Grain Rice of Mid Hills  of   Uttarakhand
J. P. Aditya and Anuradha Bhartiya



Proximate Nutritional Evaluation of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
G. Nirmala Devi, G.Padmavathi, V. Ravindra Babu and Kavita Waghray



Genetic Divergence Studies for Yield and its Components in Rice
A. Rajkumar, Jyothi Badri, V.P. Bhadana, C. Priyanka, N. A.  Ansari, Susmita Dey and D. Srinivasa Chary



Evaluation of Crop Establishment Methods for their Productivity, Nutrient Uptake and use Efficiency under Rice-Rice System
K. Surekha, R. Mahender Kumar and Ch. Padmavathi



Influence of Soil Test Based Application of Phosphorus Fertilizers on Yields of Paddy: A Case Study in Khammam District of Andhra Pradesh
A.D.V.S.L.P. Anand Kumar, M. Srinivasa Rao  and M. Satyanarayana



Yield and Water Productivity of Aerobic Rice (Oryza sativa L.)as Influenced by Dates of Sowing and Varieties During  Kharif Season
B Balaji Naik, D Raji Reddy, G Sreenivas and P Leela Rani



Long Term Fertilization Effect on Soil Organic Carbon and Productivity of Rice Crop under Rice-Rice Cropping System in Godavari Delta, India
Ch. Sreenivas, D. Srinivas, T.V. Sridar, K. Surekha and P.V.Satyanarayana



Sequence Divergence of Coat Protein Gene among Indian and non-Indian Isolates of Rice TungroBacilliform Virus
P. Malathi, D. Krishnaveni and Satendra K Mangrauthia



Compatibility Studies of Insecticide and Fungicide Molecules against Major Pests and Sheath Blight in Rice
K. Karthikeyan



Impact Assessment of Andhra Pradesh Water Management Project on Socio-Economic Conditions of Farmers in Godavari Western Delta Pilot Area.
Ch. Sreenivas, S.Vishnu Vardhan, C. Venkata Reddy and Radha Y



Short Communications

Rice Riche - Rice Bran Oil based Pain Relieving Gel
M. Mohibbe Azam



Variability in Aggressiveness of Rice Blast (P. oryzae) Isolates Originating from Resistant and Susceptible Cultivars
J. Aruna, S. Vijay Kumar, R. Rambabu, S. Ramesh, K. R. Madhavi, V. Abhilash, G.S. Laha, D. Krishnaveni, D. Ladha lakshmi, V. Prakasam, V. Ravindrababu and M. S. Prasad




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