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Instructions to authors for preparation and submission of papers

Articles reporting experimentation or research in any field involving rice or rice systems, reviews or interpretations of such research will be accepted for review as papers. Short articles concerned with experimental techniques or observation or observation unique nature will be accepted for review as short communication. Letters to the editor are welcome and are published subject to review and approval by the editorial board and these concerning previous articles. The authors will be invited to reply which are published later.

Journal of Rice Research is a channel for publication of full length papers original of research, critical reviews or interpretative articles related to all areas of rice science, rice crop systems and rice crop management. The journal also publishes short communications, book reviews and letters to the editor.


General Requirement

Submission to the journal must be reports of original research of at least two crops seasons and must not be previously published in or simultaneously submitted to nay other scientific or technical journal.  The authors or at least one of the authors (incase of joint authorship) should be member of the society for Advancement of Rice Research and not in arrears of subscription.


Submission of manuscript

All manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate to the editor in hard copy along with a soft copy as word file. Manuscripts may also be sent online to the Journal office at as an attachment composed originally in or converted to word. Avoid using more than one font.  The manuscript should be double spaced with margins of at least 2.5 cms.  On the first page give the title, a byline with the names of authors, their affiliation and a foot not mentioning author – paper and a list of key words, and abbreviations used in the paper.  An abstract must be presented normally in the second manuscript page.  The usual order of sections to be included after title abstract pages are untitled introduction which include literature, review, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion (optional), acknowledgements and references followed by figures and tables.  Results and discussions may be combines and conclusions can be given at the close of the discussion section.


Title and byline

should give a clear idea what the articles is about. It should be as brief and informative (12-15 words).  Use common names for crops preferably, botanical names if needed and avoid abbreviations. Below the title, list all names of the authors with an asterick placed after the name of the corresponding author and their affiliations.



References are quoted in author-year notation system only. Arrange all the references alphabetically by author.  All single author entries precede multiple author entries for the same first authors.  Use chronological order within entries with identical authorship and add a low case letter a, b, c, etc., to year for same year entries of the same author.  References should be typed as follows:

1.Mukherjee, J.N. 1953. The need for delineating the basic oil and climatic regions of importance to the plant industry. Journal of Indian Society of soil science 1: 1-6

2.Scott, J.M. 1984. Catabolism of folates. P.307-327. In R.L. Blackley and S.J. Benkovic (ed.) Folates and Pterims Vol.1. John Wiley & Sons, New York

3.Shin, Y.S., E.S. Kim, J.E. Watson and E.L. Stokstad. 1975. Studies on folic acid compounds in nature.  IV. Folic acid compounds in soybeans and cow milk.  Candian Journal of Biochemistry. 53:338-343



Photographs and drawings for graphs and charts should be prepared with good contract of dark and light.  Figure caption should be brief specifying the crop or soil, major variables presented and lace and year. Give careful attention to the width of lines and size, and clarity of type and symbols.



Tables are used for reporting extensive numerical data in an organized manner and statistically analyzed.  They should be self explanatory.  Prepare tables with the word-processing tables feature and tabs or graphics boxes should not be used/.  Table head should be brief buy complete and self contained.  Define all variables and spellout all abbreviations. an experimental expression (eg. x 10 -3 ) in the units line is often needed to keep length of the data reasonably short, and referenced with an explanatory note.
Careful observation of hints as indicated above will facilitate quick processing of the manuscripts and printing of the paper.

The manuscripts (one soft copy & two hard copies) typed in double space complete in all respects should be sent to:

Secretary / Chief Editor
Society for Advancement of Rice Research
Directorate of Rice Research
Hyderabad – 500 030 (India)
Phone No: 091 40 204015036-39 Fax: +9140 24015308

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