Line x tester analysis for deducing heterosis in rice (Oryza sativa L.)


Modunshim Maring K¹ , Madhu Bala¹ and Patel PB²

1 Genetics and Plant Breeding, 2 Main Rice Research Centre, N.M. College of Agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari-396 450, Gujarat, India
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Volume 15-(1), 2022   ;    Click here for Pdf

Received: 11th May 2022; Accepted: 13th June 2022


An experiment consisting of twelve genotypes (four lines and eight testers) along with their thirty-two crosseswas conducted in Line x Tester design to study the heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis for grain yieldper plant and its component traits in rice at Main Rice Research Centre, Navsari. The result indicated that significant heterosis in a desirable direction was observed in all the characters except days to 50% flowering where none of the crosses showed significant heterobeltiosis in a negative direction for this trait. The best heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis for grain yield per plant was exhibited by the cross NVSR-453 x NVSR-475 followed by Gurjari x NAUR-1 and NVSR-453 x NVSR-409