Expression Analysis  of Genes and  Micro RNAs in the Rice  Cultivars during Infection by Xanth 
omonas oryzae
 p.v. oryzae Anjum N, Methre R, Boghireddy S, Laha GS, Sundaram RM and Mangrauthia SK


Development  of  Activation  Tagged  Mutants  in  Rice  Cv  BPT  5204  and   Identification of the 
SUMO Protease Gene Associated with Early Flowering

Reddy MR , Reddy SV, Manimaran P, Quadriya H, Mahendranath G, Barbadikar KM, Mangrauthia SK, Sundaram RM 

and Balachandran SM


Performance of rice  under  SRI as  influenced  by rice  cultivars and  graded  levels  of   nitrogen                           

Natarajan S, Karmughil D, Anandan P and Arivazhagan K


Bioefficacy  of   Commonly   used   Insecticides   against   Rice  Brown  Planthopper  Nilaparvata  
Lugens  ( Stål )  in  Nalgonda District of Telangana State, India

Mohan U, Jhansi Lakshmi V, Sharma S, Katti GR and Chirutkar PM 


Efficacy of New Insecticides Molecules Against Major Pests of Rice 



Tolerance  Mechanism of  Resistance in  Selected Rice Genotypes Against Brown  Planthopper, 
Nilaparvata lugens  (Stål)     

Soundararajan RP, Thamarai M, Chandrasekar K and Jhansi Lakshmi V



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