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 Journal of Rice Research  (Volume 14, Issue 1)

Effect of different genotypes and nitrogen levels on grain yield and quality of rice

Sivasabari K, S Jothimani and R Ajaykumar   ;     https://doi.org/10.58297/AGSI4617

Biochar   –   A  climate smart practice for milling  traits  and  aroma  of  fragrant rice under drought stress with different time of harvest 

Rajesh Chakraborty, Sakagami Jun-Ichi, Tuhin Suvra Roy, Md. Yeakub Khan, Eti Chakraborty, Gulshanara Khatun, Md. Mehedi  Hasan Sumon and Puja Sarkar Moly    ;    https://doi.org/10.58297/EWNR4619


Response of varieties under high and low input management in semi-dry rice ecosystem

Senthil Kumar G, CR Chinnamuthu and K Ganesamurthy    ;    https://doi.org/10.58297/VBRH1890


Up-scaling of water saving technologies in rice cultivation under corporate social responsibility scheme

Subbalakshmi Lokanadhan, P Keerthanan, S Anbumani and S Panneerselvam    ;    https://doi.org/10.58297/UTUY4916


Effect of insecticides on the feeding  and  fecundity of  rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål)

Anand Kumar ADVSLP, Nanda Kishore M, Anusha B and Srinivasa Rao N     ;    https://doi.org/10.58297/JFJR2306


Survey and symptomatology of false smut [Ustilaginoidea virens (Cooke) Takahashi] of rice

Ankit K Chaudhari, Kalubhai B Rakholiya, Mulji D Jehan   ;    https://doi.org/10.58297/SMBJ1221


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