International Conference - (ICSCI 2022)

International Conference on System of Crop Intensification for Climate-Smart livelihood and Nutritional Security

12-14 December, 2022

Date of Submission of Extended Summary is extended upto to 15th November, 2022

Themes for Extended Summary

Theme - 1
Current Status of System of Crop Intensification (SCI) in India and rest of the world
Theme - 2
Breeding cultivars, land races, ideotypes, Management practices, pest and disease dynamics of SCI
Theme - 3
Resource (water, nutrients, energy, labour etc.) use and conservation, in SCI (Natural Farming, Organic farming, Conservation Agriculture etc.) climate resilience and ecosystem protection
Theme - 4
Agro-industries/Mechanization for scaling up SCI
Theme - 5
SCI adoption and their Socio-economic Impacts including gender, labour and Institutional dynamics
Theme - 6
Policy needs(at state, national and internaitonal levels) for scaling up SCI

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