Studies on Compatibility of Insecticides and Fungicides against Brown Plant Hopper and Blast in Rice


Anand Kumar ADVSLP*, Nanda Kishore M, Bhuvaneswari V, Srinivasa Rao N, Anusha B and Jogi Naidu G

Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Regional Agricultural Research Station Maruteru – 534122, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India 

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Volume 16-(2), 2023   ;   Click here for Pdf

Received : 4th August, 2023; Accepted: 9th September, 2023


Field experiments conducted for evaluation of compatibility of insecticides and fungicides against brown planthopper and blast in rice revealed that pymetrozine in combination with tricyclazole and isoprothiolane and triflumezopyrim in combination with tricyclazole and isoprothiolane were found effective against brown plant hopper and blast and recorded higher grain yields (4872 kg/ha, 4873 kg/ha, 5014 kg/ha and 5088 kg/ha) compared to untreated control (3036 kg/ha). Neither insecticides nor fungicides lost their efficacy against target pest/disease when used as tank mixtures. Insecticides, pymetrozine and triflumezopyrim are compatible with tricyclazole and isoprothiolane fungicides with nil phytotoxicity and can be safely used as tank mixtures for simultaneous management of BPH and blast in rice.