KAU Pournami (MO 23): A High Yielding Red Rice Variety


Leena Kumary S, Ambily A K*, Devika R, Surendran M, Nimmy Jose, Jyothi Sara Jacob and Gayathri P
Kerala Agricultural University, Rice Research Station, Moncompu, Alappuzha, Kerala, India
*Corresponding author Email: ambily.ak@kau.in

Volume 16-(1), 2023   ;  https://doi.org/10.58297/VZRT9733      Click here for Pdf

Received : 16th February, 2023; Accepted : 1st May, 2023


KAU Pournami (MO 23; KAUM 109-1-2-1; IET 23739) is a high yielding photo-insensitive, medium duration, medium-bold red rice variety with an average productivity of 7000-7500 kg ha-1, released from Kerala Agricultural University. It is developed from the cross between NHTA 8 and Aruna (MO 8). It has got high milling quality in terms of Head Rice Recovery and better cooking quality compared to the popular variety Uma. It is moderately tolerant to sheath blight, sheath rot, BPH and gall midge. The variety was notified by the Government of India during 2021.