The Major Challenges and Scope for Sustainable Agriculture Development in India


Ravindra Babu V, Madhu Babu P, Suman K and Neeraja CN

ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research, Hyderabad. 

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Volume 15(Special Issue), 2022   ;   Click here for Pdf




Globally the demand for organic farming is increasing and farmers need to adopt novel technologies to resolve the challenges during the practicing of organic farming. Organic agriculture includes sustainability of agricultural production, supporting the rural economy, maintaining ecological and environmental strength within agricultural systems, and also establishing sustainable human health. Improving crop productivity and income of the farmers is to be based on soil health management, pest and disease control, and adapting novel marketing strategies. The utilization of farmyard manure, vermicompost, and biofertilizers in organic farming develops soil health and plant growth that can be benefited by farmers by increasing crop yield and ecosystem health. The application of biopesticide and biocultural agents for controlling pest and diseases on the crop in organic farming will enhance crop yield and also reduces environmental pollution. Organic farmers need to adapt novel marketing strategies to sell their farm produce and to get higher economic benefits. The food produced from sustainable farming increases the health of the human, soil, and environment.