Agro-Ecology Specific Strategies for Resilient Rainfed Production Systems


Ravindra Chary G*, Singh VK, Gopinath KA, Sridhar KB, Bhargavi B, Narsimlu B,
Abdul Rasool and Sujata MG

ICAR- Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad, 500 059, India
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Volume 15(Special Issue), 2022   ;   Click here for Pdf



Rainfed agriculture, practiced in diverse agroecologies contributes, immensely to India’s food basket. However, rainfed agriculture in India is constrained with many biophysical and socioeconomic challenges, particularly changing climate and rainfall variability. Managing climate risks, enhancing productivity and profitability, further achieving resilience of the rainfed production systems is need of the hour. To address these, agro-ecology specific crop alignment, agro-ecology specific potential crop zoning and diversifying within farm for sustainable intensification and real-time contingency planning implementation are the key strategies.