Estimation of genetic diversity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes for heat tolerance using SSR markers


Subba Rao LV*, Keerthana Ch, Lavanya K, Chiranjeevi M, Surender R, Sundaram RM, Neeraja CN and Radha Krishna KV

Crop Improvement Section, ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR-IIRR), Rajendrangar, Hyderabad 500030, India

*Corresponding author email:

Received: 34d Nov. 2018; Accepted: 20thApril 2019


Genetic diversity among a set of 48 rice lines which included 24 heat tolerant genotypes and 24 heat susceptible genotypes was investigated with the help of a set of 16 rice SSR markers. All 16 primers were polymorphic amplifying a total of 127 alleles and mean number of 7.9 alleles per locus. The polymorphism information content (PIC) values ranged from 0.921(RM7075) to 0.995 (RM27289) with an average of 0.965 per locus. The rice lines were grouped into two major clusters and a clear separation of tolerant genotypes and susceptible genotypes into different clusters was observed. The results obtained from the study could be useful for selection of donors for heat tolerance for development of new rice varieties with heat stress tolerance

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