DRR Dhan 54 [IET 25653 (RP 5943-421-16-1-1-B)] – A new aerobic rice variety

Ram T, Jyothi Badri*, Subba Rao LV, Revathi P, Abdul Fiyaz R, Sreedevi B, Prasad MS, Laha GS, Jhansi Lakshmi V, Mahender Kumar R and Nirmala B

ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR-IIRR), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500030

*Corresponding author email: jyothirishik@gmail.com

Volume 14(1), 2021  ;   https://doi.org/10.58297/NSSA1595           Click here for Pdf

Received: 12th March 2021; Accepted: 20th April 2021



DRR Dhan 54 [IET 25653 (RP 5943-421-16-1-1-B)] was released for aerobic system of cultivation in water limiting areas of Zone II (Haryana), III (Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand), VI (Gujarat) and VII (Telangana) through Central Sub-committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops vide S.O. 500(E) dated 29th Jan 2021 [CG-DL-E-03022021-224901]. DRR Dhan 54 was developed from the cross of RP 5124-11-4-3-2-1/IR 78877-208-B-1-1. It was tested in Aerobic trials in AICRIP during 2015-2018 and found to be a top ranking entry on overall basis in three years (2018, 2016 and 2015). Across multiple zones, DRR Dhan 54 ranked 1st with 15.8%, 4th with 12% and 5th with 17% yield advantage over the BVC in 2018, 2016 and 2015, respectively indicating its wider adaptability and yield stability. It has desirable grain quality traits in terms of high HRR%, intermediate AC% and multiple pest and disease resistance.