4. SARR ‘RICE’ (Research Innovation – Cost Effective Technologies) Medals – (2019-2023)                                                                

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» The Society for Advancement  of Rice  Research (SARR), ICAR – Indian Institute 

  of Rice  Research,  Hyderabad,  has  instituted  ‘RICE’ ( Research Innovation-Cost

   Effective) Medal to recognize the  innovative  contributions  of scientists  to rice



» The medal will be awarded annually to the SARR life members who have

   contributed meaningfully towards development of an innovative product,

   technology,  methodology  or  process  related  to  rice science. Anybody  who  is

   applying can join as life member of the society.


» The contribution should be original, novel and  uniquely add towards  development

   of an end product or  aid research  progress, for providing cost  effective  solutions

   to problems of rice farmers. It should not have been submitted for any other award 

   or recognition elsewhere.


» The Nominee should be a distinguished scientist associated with ICAR Institutes,

   ICAR recognized SAUs or UGC recognized Traditional Universities. His/her

   contributions of last five years (2019-2023) should have been recognized nationally

   and internationally and supported by significant publications and technology

   generations, preferably in the field of rice research.


» The medal consists of a brief inscription of the innovative contribution and a

   citation certificate. The medal will be abbreviated as ‘RICE’ (signifying – Research

   Innovation – Cost Effective)


A maximum of 4 medals will be awarded every year, one each in the following sections:


1. SARR RICE Medal (Crop Improvement) – contributions in Plant breeding and


2. SARR RICE Medal (Crop Production) – contributions in Agronomy/Crop

    Physiology/Soil science (Sponsored by SARR),

3. SARR RICE Medal (Crop Protection) – contributions in Agriculture Entomology, Plant


4. SARR RICE Medal (TTT and Social Sciences) – contributions in Agriculture

    Extension, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Statistics


» Medal Winners will be selected on the basis of their contributions in the field of rice

   research, extension, development and policy by an Evaluation Committee

   constituted by the Executive Council (EC).


» The Award carries a cash prize of Rs. 5000 and a certificate.


» The Evaluation Committee will be an independent body consisting of 6 members:


(1) The Chairman

(2) Four expert members, one each from the four sections mentioned above and

(3) Member Secretary

The Evaluation Committee and EC Members will not be eligible for applying for SARR

RICE Medal. The evaluation of nominations will be based on the criteria described in

prescribed proforma.