Can System of Rice Intensification Boost Smallholders’ Rice Production in Rainfed, Lowland Areas of Tanzania?


Felix Bachmann

Country Director, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Tanzania
Corresponding author email:

Volume 15(Special Issue), 2022   ;    Click here for Pdf



Based on challenges identified and approaches proposed, the paper builds a case for boosting rice production in rainfed lowland areas of Tanzania. The proposed initiative is designed as an action in the field of development cooperation. Despite its complex nature, the initiative aims at an intensification of the prevailing rice production system in rainfed areas, whereby improving the availability of suitable rice seeds and adopting elements from systems of rice intensification (SRI) are proposed as the main agronomic components, which shall be supported by respective research. Further elements to be considered are the management of land and water in these rainfed areas, which are seasonally used for rice production, while the rest of the year they remain fallow, as well as the economics of the production system, which at present is critical and may remain a stumbling block for intensification, also due to the threat from more competitive local production in irrigated areas and cheap imports.