Journal of Rice Research-2017 (Volume 10, Issue 2 )

Molecular Assembly of starch Granules: Interplay of Metabolizing Enzymes in Rice

Praveen S, Singh A and Krishnan V


Characterization of Genetic Diversity among Wild Rice  Accessions using Genome specific In-Del 

Biswaranjan Rout, Sridhar M, Muralidhara B, Kamal Nath Reddy, KR, Sundaram RM, Anantha MS, Senguttuvel P , Subba 

Rao, LV, Padmavathi G, Ranganath HK, Fiyaz AR, Jyothi B, Suvarna Rani C, Kalyani MB, Bidyasagar Mandal and Gireesh

, C

Studies on Genetic Variability for Quantitative and  Qualitative  Traits in North-East  Indian Rice 
(Oryza sativa  L.,)

Kunkerkar RL, Ingale SN, Thorat BS and Devmore JP


Inheritance Studies for Stigma exsertion in FPopulation of Rice Maintainer Lines

Jatwar GS, Jairamulu K, Madhav MS, Shenoy VV, Hariprasad AS, Suresh J, Singh AK, Koradi O, Shanti ML, Sundaram  

RM , Virakthmath BC and Kemparaju KB


Seed Coating in Relation to Minimizing the Effects of Seed Ageing in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Tiwari TN, Jevan Kumar SP, Tiwari AK and Agarwal DK


Morphological and Physiological Studies  in Rice Cultivars Reveal  Critical Role of Root Length 
and   Photosynthetic Rate in Adaptation to Aerobic Conditions

Phule AS, Barbadikar KM, Madhav MS, Subrahmanyam D, Senguttuvel P, Prasad Babu MBB and Ananda Kumar P



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